Thanks for your testimonials about The Joe Cipriano Promo Master Class!

“The Promo Master Class weekend was in incredible event! We received invaluable information from top-notch professionals – from casting directors to agents to vocal coaches. Being directed in the Clubhouse booth by these pros was amazing. The event was timed beautifully, and we never felt rushed. In fact, it was stunning how much information we received in just two days. Denise revealed herself to be an amazing chef, and let’s just say we never went hungry! The Hotel Angeleno was elegant, nearby and provided timely shuttle service, all at a highly discounted rate. It was so fun to unpack all the goodies from our TWO swag bags! Next time, I hope more women take advantage of this unique opportunity and we start to break the glass ceiling of female promo pros.” Adrienne Walker – January 2017

“Being in the room with not only Joe but an array of skilled VO talent really helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin with my own voice instead of trying to sound like someone else. Everyone’s vocal style was unique and I really was able to embrace what I brought to mic. Also the importance of cultivating those relationships with the producers instead of just relying on agents to bring us those opportunities. After hearing how David & Eric directed each of us, I really understand what it means to get behind the copy through the lens of the producer putting the spot together. Reading to picture and SOTs were absolutely the biggest learning experiences for me since it was the first time I’ve ever done it. I better understand the skills taught to me by promo coaches and will definitely use it to both practice and improve going forward. Most importantly I’ve taken away a very special philosophy: WWEAS…..what would Ernie Anderson say? Still trying to find that recipe for carrot souffle….” Brian Huey – January 2017

“I loved David Alden’s idea of “imagery” incorporating into a script. Picturing something and then GO! So powerful. Perspective: Everything is changing so rapidly and finding your singular voice is so important. Makes choices, being yourself, and bringing a fresh take is welcomed. It was confirmed when I read the “Tesla” spot and Eric Poole said “That was great! I wouldn’t have thought of you until I heard you read it that way.” So many people have come from radio and relied on a singular style/tone/sound. Seeing others work, and the insight everyone presented further confirmed that it isn’t about “the sound”. It’s about a choice. A perspective. How it “was” done is no longer the norm. The next 2 – 5 years of voiceover will be a direct response to how the advertising and creative landscape is changing. Adapting to new platforms, and choosing “attention” as the commodity rather than traditional metrics.” Tony Pasquale – January 2017

“The insights gained through listening to Joe, David, Mary Ellen and Eric’s experience in the day to day business of TV promo along with the mic time in Joe’s studio are already being applied to my promo work here. These are the folks who work the other side of the glass in network promo everyday. This look behind the curtain was not only extremely informative but also really fun! The program was very well thought through and organized. The whole weekend went off without a hitch! The clubhouse is the perfect size for a group of ten, Denise’s cooking for breakfast and lunch was tasty indeed as was our dinner out on Saturday night. Hotel Angeleno, just a mile from Joe’s place was stylish and comfortable. The view from the penthouse restaurant and lounge is spectacular.” Chuck Davis – January 2017