david-alden-headshotDAVID ALDEN  With years of experience, David Alden is a well trained and seasoned actor, voice actor, voice-over coach and voice-over director for on-air network promos, and for a number of years, theatrical trailers.

He has worked, and continues work, with the top trailer and promo voices in North America, such as, the late Don Lafontaine, Joe Cipriano, Aaron May, Jim Tasker, Tony Rodgers, Vanessa Marshall, Ben Patrick Johnson, Tress Macneille, Scott Rummell, Miguel & Rafael Ferrer, Jim Pratt, Rino Romano, Ashton Smith and many, many more.

To date, he has directed voiceover sessions for well over 50,000 promos & trailers. David’s intention is to share and bring forward his unique perspective and wisdom to the creative process thereby facilitating an environment in which a voice actor’s best performance may emerge.